How To Do A Pedicure At Home

With summer on the horizon, you may be getting ready to put away your wool socks and winter boots. That is because this coming season means that it is time for you to take out your sandals. Furthermore, is there a better way to prep for this sandal season than by prepping your feet. That is because nothing makes your feet look gorgeous than a pedicure. However, we understand that not every individual has the time to get their nails done by professionals. Furthermore, some may even be unwilling to shell out the money to a professional. In that case what you need to do is get your nails done at home. We know that many think that this is a complicated task. But if you know what you have to do it would be a piece of cake.

Soak Any foot specialist Gold Coast would be able to tell you that your first step should be to clean your nails. We understand that many think that simply removing nail polish and having a shower is enough. But that is not true. Instead what you need to do is soak your feet for a couple of minutes. In order to do this fill a basin with some warm water and soap. Thereafter you can simply dip your feet into the water and soak them. However, make sure not to soak it too much. Ideally, we would advise you to remove your feet after about five minutes.

ScrubOnce your feet are wet it would be easier for you to file it. Thus, that is why you are advised to soak it for a couple of minutes. However, remember that you don’t have to file your entire foot. Instead simply focus on the rougher areas. That is because otherwise you may be forced to visit the podiatrist Southport for damaging your feet.

ScrubWe understand that many of you use a scrub on your face at least twice a week. You do this in order to remove dry and dead skin cells. Thus similarly when giving yourself a pedicure you also have to use a scrub. This would help you to remove any dry and rough skin that may have been caused by the cold weather.

Cut & Polish Thereafter all you have to do is cut and shape your toenails. Furthermore, we would also advise you to push back your cuticles. But you need to be careful when doing this because you can damage yourself. Thus, then the last step would be to apply a nail polish.Therefore you can now see how easy it is to do a pedicure at home.