Tkr Surgery: Things You Should Know!

There are various reasons for knee stiffness. If you feel discomfort, decreased mobility or an occasional stiffness in your kneecap you should consult a physiotherapist or a surgeon, depending on the level of your pain. These can be caused by knee cartilage degeneration which is related to your age or by injuries. The latter is more common with athletes. There are, of course, various methods to treat the pains and problems. Most of them are non-surgical but there are times that pain killer drugs and other drugs cannot help you out. That is where you need to know about TKR surgeries.

Total knee Replacement surgery, also known as TKR surgery is more sophisticated that taking pain killer drugs but this is not a risky procedure either. Thanks to modern medical advancements, these surgeries have become common and relatively cheap! Followings are few things that you should know about knee surgeries.There are two main types of TKR surgeries. First one is the full replacement. In this procedure, a ceramic or metal prosthesis is inserted below the knee cap and usually this prosthesis has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. It is not recommended for younger patients because after this time period another surgery is required. Other type is the partial replacement and this is more ideal for younger patients.

Another important thing to know about these procedures is that the complete success of this surgery is depends on patient and patient’s lifestyle. Doctors and surgeons can carry out the procedure successfully and after that, it is patient’s responsibility to join with physical therapy and follow up appointments. Athletes most of the time suffer from repeat knee injuries and most of them have a personal sports injury surgeon. They will tell athletes what kinds of physical therapy is required and if you are recovering at home, then you should follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.After a TKR surgery you can get back to your usual lifestyle. You can enjoy cycling, walking and swimming etc. but you have to keep in mind that your replaced knee joint cannot withstand heavy loads. So you should not lift heavy weights and go skiing etc. Sometimes, some individuals achieve total rigidity through physical therapy but it is risky to perform these activities after a knee surgery. For the first couple of months, it is recommended to use some kind of walking aid when you walk because it will help you not to localize loads on your knee. With your dedication and the help of your physiotherapist, you can regain full strength in a short time.